Happy 3 Years to Us!

Today marks the first day we opened 3 years ago and we’re so grateful to still be going strong!  Thanks to all you wino(t)’s of course!  Without your continued support we wouldn’t be able to call drinking wine and sharing our passion with you our jobs.  So to celebrate and say thanks, we’ve got some delish bubbly wine open for you to sip on as you look around.  We’ve also got Todd-who poured wine for our first ever tasting- and his brilliant jokes.  Join us tonight from 6-8pm!

Philippe Prie Champagne Brut Tradition: A crisp and dry Champagne with notes of green apple, apple blossoms, toasted almonds and a nice lemony mosseaux on the finish.  We find it to be the perfect casual Champagne to drink with friends any time of the year.

See y’all tonight!

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